May 25, 2011

Letters to Rachel #4

from: Me
to: Rachel
date: Tue, May 24, 2011 at 2:44 PM
subject: Business Idea

Dear Rachel,

This one's a winner, so I'll give you some background first to get you itching in your chair. 

I just went downstairs, and sat in the sun. It was so bright that it hurt my eyes, which got me thinking about the pirates and how they would keep one eye covered with a patch so they could switch it over when going below deck, keeping one eye always used to the dark, and the other used to the light… 

So I pretended I was a pirate and tried to roll a cigarette with one eye closed. This is not as easy as it may seem due to the lack of depth perception. I also found myself blinking more often that usual, and that's when it hit me: When we blink, we always use both eyes. I did some research and some math on this. Apparently we blink between 10 and 15 times per minute, and each blink takes about 100 milliseconds. When added up, this means we have our eyes closed for about 1 second every minute, or 60 seconds per hour, and, assuming we're asleep for 8 hours a day, during the 16 hours we're awake, we close our eyes for a total of 16 minutes. This adds up to 97 plus hours per year, that's almost 324 whole days in a lifetime! 

The business plan is to teach people how to blink alternately, with one eye at a time, thus always keeping the other open and saving 97 hours per year, while perfecting the human body. I figure that after 5 generations of doing this, the mono-blinking scheme will be embedded into our dan. How about that, huh? Imagine what you can do with that time! 

We need to brainstorm a cool name, something like "Power Blinking". 

Come home early today so we can do some tests on the subject. You will be patient Zero! 



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