May 23, 2011

Letters to Rachel #3

from: Me
to: Rachel
date: Sun, May 22, 2011 at 12:21 AM
subject: Tibet

Dear Rachel, 

Since you've been gone for almost a week now, I've closed up the house, packed all my bags and moved in with the monks in a Tibetan Mountain Convent. It's nice and quiet here, with a lovely view and no internet. I'm writing this letter with a piece of charcoal on a wall, like everyone else does around here, and later this month, a special Tibetan courier will come and transcribe all these messages onto normal paper to send off to their processing unit, where they will re-transcribe everything onto a computer and finally send it to the designated email addresses. 

The food sucks, but everything else is cool, and I get to wear a nice orange sheet all day. Sometimes the other guys smile at me. I think they want to be my friends, which is nice. They shaved off my hair and make me sit down in silence before dinner, praying. But I don't really do it, I just pretend I'm praying while in my head I'm trying to remember the lyrics to every meatloaf song without getting them mixed up. 

The mule ride up here was kind of bumpy and I'm still a bit sore from the saddle, but I'm learning so much here that it was definitely worth it. They tell me I can be a master with the bow and arrow in less than 25 years, so that's something to look forward to. 

They have given me some daily chores, as a way to keep busy. I have to get up very early, meditate for 5 hours and then have lunch. I meditate by siting on the floor and thinking about how Max and the cats are getting along, but I'm sure they're fine. I left them all at the bus stop and gave them 20 Eur each so they could buy something nice to eat. I also left them my mobile phone, so If you want to talk to any of them, just call me. 

Hope you're having a lovely time in england. 


Me, the Tibetans & Rusty the Mule.

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