February 19, 2016

Fixing Bella's dogs...

[Bella's dogs have been fighting lately, so it's hard to get them to eat together]

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Major progress indeed. Made my day.

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It’s the Ukrainian, you see…. He’s quite good with dogs. I gave him your keys and told him he could move in with his family. I don’t think he quite understood me, because I was expecting just him, his wife and his daughter, but apparently the parents (on both sides) and the cousins and a few other relatives are also staying there. They’ve divided themselves between the two houses because half of them are from southern Ukraine and the other half from the north, and they like to keep it that way. Second house required breaking down the front door, but you knew that already…
I went round today to check on the dogs and there was this huge party going on…North and south together in harmony like Paul McCartney’s keyboard. They have built a lovely barbecue outside, and were roasting pork chops for everyone, including the dogs... Couldn’t find Piggy.
Bart (not to be confused with 'bark') and Lumpi (not limpy) already respond to Ukrainian like it’s their first language. They sit quietly together watching the chops for hours.
I tried to explain to Olieg and Swetlana that you need the house on weekends… He said something like ‘Yes Perfect, no problem, I need too…’ and she just smiles (between us, I don’t think she understands english). Anyway, I guess that’s fine.
They have plans to dig a tunnel between both houses to run a little train back and forth with M&M’s. First idea was just to use a slingshot, but the first M&M (damn those things are hard!) went straight through the window, smashing the glass, so tunnel & train it is.
I told them you would probably come tomorrow and they said ’She bring vodka’… Not sure if it was a request or a question… Better bring a crate or two (or ten) just in case, but that’s on you, as you know I don’t drink alcohol.
 On Sunday there’s going to be some sort of special annual orthodox church party for all Ukrainians living in Portugal. I’m helping them with designing the flyers and the online campaign. Don’t worry, the visitors will only use the house for basic necessities, and will set up tents throughout the land. They’ll be gone before the end of next month.
Oh and they have a really nice cat with only one eye and 3 legs, named Chernobyl…

If you’re going to bring chocolate, please make sure it’s enough for 187 people… And toilet paper… Lots of it.

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Im getting weird looks here at work. People are wondering why Im giggling stupidly. Perhaps I wont be laughing when I arrive tmw..
send me a flyer and save me some M and Ms please..

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